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Giraffes Pressure Washer Is a Life-Changing Device

by Darla

The conversation around pressure washers is alarming. Big proponents sell the idea of pressure machines and the archaic block content with the hose. Either way, nobody holds a gun against your head. The discretion to make choices lies with your tastes and preferences.

But, it helps to think of a pressure washer as a life-changing unit. It does the weight lifting allowing you to save time. In essence, a pressure washer stands between you and an unsightly driveway. Even if a pressure washer scares you, you can train your mind to appreciate it. Start by unlearning the drawbacks and engaging your mind with positive sentiments.

Think of a pressure washer as a helping tool. One that allows you to achieve your targets in the shortest time. And sooner than you think, you are swimming in the school of thought that educates the masses on efficient cleaning. And that an established detailer feature two sides of the coin. It has a pressure washing unit and complements it with a soft washing unit.

But, soft washing may sound alien and ineffective. There is no need to panic. You can engage an expert like giraffe tools to help identify an excellent soft wash setup for sale. It tells you that pressure washing works on delicate surfaces like windows. And it opens a window for another interesting discussion. Can a pressure washer handle all kinds of textures?

Let’s take a look

The pressure washer uses high pressure to blast dirt.

The strength of a pressure washer lies with psi in the range of 1500-3000psi. Such pressure overpowers soft spots such as wood and glass windows. It is where a soft washer comes into spruce wood with low pressure to wash off foam.

Still, the Pressure washer remains the favorite because it doesn’t need detergents to agitate dirt. It embraces robust nozzles and pressure to deliver sparkle.  And it removes stains and dirt hiding in tight curves. As such, it remains the biggest bet because it is cheap and fast. Again, pressure washing is thorough and can force you to schedule far-apart exercises.

You can conduct monthly spruce, bi-yearly or yearly. It is a relative undertaking that borrows a leaf from the frequency of soiling. So, your cleaning calendar might look something like this;

  • Garden equipment you need to clean it from time to time
  • Trucks. You can clean weekly or monthly
  • House. Bi yearly or yearly

Giraffe’s pressure washer cleans better than a garden hose.

The pressure washer allows for flexibility. Adjust it to mirror the intensity of trash. And because there are several ways to pull the trigger. You can choose to rotate the nozzles or replace a power washer with a gas washer. Sometimes it could be a basic process agitating the water temperature.

A garden hose can only serve you when cleaning old wooden decks. The downside is you’ll need compatible detergent to shake off the dirt.

The cardinal rule should be to use a garden hose as a complementary tool. And outsource anything beyond your capabilities.

You don’t need a pump between your pressure washer and the source water source.

Giraffe’s pressure washer is a reputable machine with a desirable Psi. It works on its own without help. It sucks in water and uses gravitational pressure to magnify its cleaning power. However, some conditions must prevail to confirm the claim.

For instance;

  • The pipe must fit into the water tank to siphon
  • Clamps to secure the pressure washer to the pump


Giraffe’s pressure washer is the best machine ever. Apart from simplifying your cleaning process, it saves you money and time. You can switch it to feature a soft wash and clean delicate surfaces. And when outdoors, you can tweak the pressure to clean broad surfaces. All of it at no extra cost.

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