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Guide On Choosing Human Hair Bundles

by Darla

Human hair bundles provide an effective solution to increasing volume and length of your hair. Achieving the desired volume and length of hair can sometimes be impossible through growing natural hair. Before you buy hair bundles, you need to consider certain factors, such as hair texture and your lifestyle. With different types and styles of hair extensions available, getting the right one can be quite difficult. Make sure you do extensive research to find hair extensions that suit your needs.

Virgin Human Hair

You have probably come across different brands that market their products as 100% virgin hair or Remy hair. Remy hair implies that hair cuticles go in one direction. Therefore, when you wear these extensions, they look and appear uniform. There are also double drawn hair and single drawn hair bundles.

Although there are non-Remy and synthetic hair, these are known to tangle and shed. Make sure you are only buying from reputable companies as some sell synthetic hair extensions claiming them to be human hair. It is advisable to research and read reviews from stylists to ensure you get high-quality hair bundles.


You should choose human hair bundles that match your lifestyle. Remember that hair extensions need additional maintenance. If you are too busy to take care of your hair extensions, then you should go for clip-in extensions. This will allow you to wear them during special events and occasions. You should note that some types of hair extensions require you to make adjustments. Moreover, you are free to engage in hobbies or sports without worrying about damaging your hair. Ensure you protect your hair bundles before working out. This is necessary to avoid tangling.

Color Match

When choosing human hair bundles, you should ensure you get the right color match. You can find hair bundles with bright colors, or blended colors. The right color match is one that blends seamlessly with hair and looks natural.


When you purchase human hair bundles, you should go for high-quality ones. As noted above, always choose human hair bundles as you can rely on their quality. Some of the extensions can last for many years if you maintain them well. Although synthetic wigs are cheaper, they do not last long. These are likely to last for two or three months.

Styling and Treatments

The fact that these products are sourced from human hair, they handle styling and treatments just like your natural hair. It does not matter whether you want to straighten, curl, color, or bleach them, they can handle that. However, if you go for synthetic hair, it cannot support styling and hair treatments. When you wear synthetic hair, you should avoid such treatments as they can damage your extensions.


When purchasing human hair bundles, you need to explore all the available options. If you are not sure, you should seek the guidance of a professional hair stylist. Sometimes you should hire a hair stylist to apply hair extensions on your head. Remember that if hair extensions are applied incorrectly, you are likely to experience problems that cause inconveniences.

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